Marquette County
Solid Waste Management Authority

Drugs in Your Home

Illegal Use or Theft

62% of American teens who abused prescription pain relievers found them in parent’s medicine cabinets. 

2009: 39% of those admitted to U.P. addiction treatment were prescription drug abusers (source: Northcare Coordinating Agency).

Marquette and Alger Counties: 14% of youth surveyed said they have taken a prescription to drug to get high in the past year (source: Great Lakes Center for Youth Development, Sidebar Survey, 2008).

Child Poisoning

Pharmaceuticals (OTC and Rx) account for the majority of poison control center exposure calls for children ages 5 and under. In 2011 over 67,000 children were treated for medication poisoning. 

Source: Safe Kids Worldwide, 2012

Where are children finding medications?

  • 27% ground or misplaced
  • 20% counter, dresser, table, nightstand
  • 20% purse or bag
  • 15% pillbox or bag of pills
  • 6% drawer or cabinet
  • 12% other


Pet Poisoning

Human medication is the most common source of pet poisoning. In 2010 the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center received 41,700 calls related to pets consuming human medications.