Marquette County
Solid Waste Management Authority

Fee Schedule





Effective January 1, 2021 the tipping fee will be $63.50 per ton.



The following are materials prohibited from disposal in a Michigan landfill:

  • Beverage containers – A beverage container containing one gallon or less of a soft drink, soda water, carbonated natural or mineral water, or other nonalcoholic carbonated drink, beer, ale, or other drink of whatever alcohol content. Loads containing more than 12 beverage containers will be charged a mixed load fee and the hauler will be required to retrieve the beverage containers. 
  • Whole motor vehicle tires – Whole motor vehicle tires are accepted and charged per the rates on the fee schedule, but are prohibited from disposal in the landfill.  Prior to landfill disposal, the tires will be split or processed into pieces by landfill staff.  Whole tires found mixed in loads that are disposed of in the landfill will be assessed a mixed load fee.  
  • Yard clippings – Yard clippings are defined as leaves, grass clippings, vegetable or other garden debris, shrubbery, or brush or tree trimmings.  
  • Used oil – Used oil is defined as petroleum-based oil that through use, storage, or handling, has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties.
  • Lead acid batteries– these are defined as a storage battery in which the electrodes are grids of lead containing lead oxides that change in composition during charging and discharging, and the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid.
  • Low-level radioactive waste – Low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) includes items that have become contaminated with radioactive through exposure to neutron radiation.
  • Hazardous waste – Hazardous wastes are materials that are identified by specific processes or exhibit certain properties that require more stringent controls on disposal, as specified by Michigan law. 
  • Mercury – Mercury-containing devices must not be disposed of in landfill.  Mercury will be taken free of charge if brought in separated from the loads.  This includes thermostats, thermometers, furnace controls and switches. 
  • Liquid waste – Liquid waste means any waste material that is determined to contain free liquids as defined by Method 9095, the paint filter liquids test.  
  • Sewage – Sewage means untreated domestic wastewater.  Sewage sludge is not prohibited.
  • PCBs – Means PCBs as defined in 40 CFR 761.3.   This includes both PCB items and PCB-contaminated material.
  • Hot Ashes – Fire hazard 
  • Explosives – Please contact the State Police
  • Nuclear Waste – Nuclear or by-product materials as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 as amended, 42 USC 2011 et seq.
  • Infectious Waste – as defined and regulated by the Michigan Dept. of Public Health 
  • Refrigerant – Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers and any other refrigerant-containing appliance.  These are accepted but must come in separately and are charged $15 per appliance for the refrigerant removal. 
  • Condensed Gas Cylinders: Call 249-4125 for disposal information   


  • Asbestos waste – All asbestos waste regulated by federal regulations is prohibited from disposal in a Michigan landfill unless the landfill complies with 40 CFR 61.154.  All waste must be segregated and packaged per Authority and EGLE guidelines.  Asbestos waste must not be mixed with other wastes.
  • Medical waste – Under certain conditions medical waste can legally be disposed of in a Michigan landfill.  All waste must be segregated and packaged per Authority and EGLE guidelines. Medical waste must not be mixed with other wastes.